Every person who comes to The Keys for counseling can expect several things.

• CONFIDENTIALITY – First of all, clients are treated unobtrusively so that their confidences are kept and their decisions are their own. After 20 years of counseling and many years in helping professions, Sue is qualified to give you tools for life, but she refrains from giving too much advice. You maintain your dignity, and you will receive the respect to make your own choices. Matters brought up in counseling are handled discreetly and not disclosed to anyone unless written permission is granted by the client.
• COMFORTABLE ENVIRONMENT – Another aspect of our methods at The Keys is a comfortable environment. Many clients come casually dressed but are welcome in their surgical scrubs, work, or business attire. You will enter a waiting area and counseling suite designed for ease of function and relaxation. Once inside the private quarters, feel free to choose an easy chair and begin to talk. You are heard and cared for in our office.
• COMPETITIVE PRICING – We choose to keep our session fees very competitive. Believing that each of us values what we invest in, we ask that people come to session with payment in hand. We accept major credit cards, cash, or checks. (We do not directly take or participate in filing for insurance, but we can provide a receipt with information so you can file a claim yourself.)

When you call The Keys for information or to schedule an appointment, you may get me directly, or if I cannot speak with you immediately, you may leave a voice message. If I am in session and you get a recording, rest assured that your call will be returned within the same day or as soon as possible. In the interest of confidentiality, I do not offer online forms for direct email contact.

If you have questions, please contact me at 806 792-6154.