Do you feel proud of your brother, cousin, parents or another family member? And, other times, do you wish you weren’t connected biologically to some of your family? Did you ever agonize while watching a family member struggle with everything, and then rejoice over even tiny battles won simply because they are surviving?

My family has always given me such pleasure and pain (often at the same time) just as yours has. I know, I’m only guessing. But based on a lifetime of counseling and social work, I want to say it clearly here as a declaration. It is NORMAL to experience both pain and pleasure from relationships, but especially family relationships.

With three intelligent and handsome brothers, I have often felt inferior to them. As a lawyer, a minister and writer, and a registered nurse, they have each changed the world for God and for the good. I have been blown away by their accomplishments. Even more impressive are their relationships with their families. But in every family, challenges inevitably come. Some small, some monumental. But they do and will come to all of us.

My family is just like yours. We are human. Even though we are Christian, we often suffer the ravages of a sin-sick world. All of humanity does. But because we have Jesus Christ, we have ways to cope and tools for moving forward and doing better.

I hope you will feel free to come to THE KEYS COUNSELING with the knowledge that there will be no condemnation or comparisons. We will talk about effective tools for dealing with families, and you will leave our office feeling and doing better than when you came.

Hope to see you soon!